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1959 T2 ‘A’ Coupe

Chassis – 107132

Selling agent – Hoffman (New York)

Original Colour – Ruby Red with Black Leather Interior

Porsche Completion date – March 1959

Options – Red Floor Mats

Reinforced Bumpers

Outside Mirror

Sealed Beam Head-lights


This is a fantastic example of the last of the 356 T2 ‘A’

Imported into the UK in 1999 by Julian Baker of Chelmsford

Ownership was transferred to Gary Urwin of West Sussex in 2002.

After 12 years of ownership Gary sold this car to Phil Jarvis on 8th Aug 2014

Phil enjoyed the car for a couple of years until his Friend and current owner Simon Cook came into possession 1st September 2016.

Simon has subsequently emigrated abroad and as a result the car is now surplus to requirements


There is quite a substantial history file with receipts for work carried out and old Mot’s etc.

PRS had the pleasure of servicing and looking after the car during Simon’s ownership.

During the whole of its life here in the UK the car appears to have been looked after regardless of cost.


It is a real driver’s car to just get in and use.

The uprated 912 Engine on Weber carburettors pulls really well and makes driving a real pleasure.

This car has just covered a round trip of 300 miles faultlessly and puts a smile on everyone’s face inside and out!

A fantastic opportunity to own the last generation of the iconic 356 ‘A’



1961 356 T5 'B' Coupe

We are proud to offer this fantastic example of the Porsche 356 T5 B Coupe.

The owner had decided that he would like to continue his 356 ownership but with an open car, so this example has become surplus to requirements.

PRS has looked after the car for the current owner’s entire 9 year ownership.

There has been no expense spared and many improvements in that time.

All invoices are available for viewing and the car really does benefit from a complete engine rebuild with next to zero miles on the clock since.

Originally supplied to the USA. There is no records prior to an owner in New York 1979.

The car was exported to Milan Italy in 1988

In 1991 the car was restored to ‘vintage car standards’ and approved by the Italian vintage cars sporting commission.

1994 saw a new owner and in 1999 the car was exported to Monaco.

It was 2002 when the car arrived in the UK and renowned Porsche specialist Francis Tuthill looked after the car until the current owner purchased it in 2011.

There is a large file of paper to support the above. I currently have this on PDF files and jpegs.

It really is just a car to get in and enjoy.

I have currently just applied for the cardex. The engine number does check out as matching and I will double check this as soon as possible to confirm?

As mentioned before the car has no expense spared when maintained and as such it drives exactly like a 356 should and is an absolute joy.

The paint is old and there are some age related marks as would be expected but as you can see from the photographs everything is very respectable

The seats were replaced only a few years ago for the correct 356 seats and as such the whole interior really is a pleasant place to be. The wood-rim Les Leston steering wheel adds to the overall look and feel of the car, or an original wheel can be fitted if you prefer?…Everything works as it should including the radio!

Just turn the key and go!!

Currently at Auction on

1956 T1 ‘A’ Coupe

Chassis – 55928


We believe that this car was originally an internal Porsche Werks car.

The Factory Kardex literally has no information on it at all apart from the chassis number?

When the car arrived from Texas USA it also had a Mauve VDM Werks steering wheel fitted?

More research is required


Under the obviously shabby-chic exterior is a restored 356,

The owner wanted to build the ultimate ‘sleeper’ 356

Converted to RHD by PRS

Under the patina skin in a Type1 Turbo charged engine and suspension changes and disc brakes all round.

The engine built by Vw specialist Harry Harpic at great expense is quite mild for a turbo charged unit but still produces 140BHP. If more power is required then boost can be turned up and a quick re-map should give outrageous results??


Absolutely guaranteed to turn heads at any event or even going to the shops

Drive around as is?…restore back to original?….Try and find out why the kardex is blank?

Whatever way you go it’s a bloody interesting car.


Price is £119,500 ono

1959 T2 'A' COUPE

1959 Porsche 356 ‘A’  T2

Chassis number: 106754

A sensitively restored example of what is often regarded as the most attractive form of the 356 model manufactured in Zuffenhausen.

Set up well and running superbly, the car is now finished in Steingrau (Grey / green) paint, a Porsche special order colour of the period.

716 XUY was taken to The Laon Historique in northern France, where it was runner up in the Concours D’Elegance.

The car was invited to be displayed on the circuit grid at Goodwood in August 2019, where in an online public vote, the car was voted second favourite from the entire meeting.

There is a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity in the papers, confirming that the car was originally manufactured in Porsche exterior paint colour 5702 / Ruby Red and came with sealed beam headlights, USA bumpers, Dunlop tires and Boge shock absorbers as optional equipment. Engine number was 73194 616/1 and transmission number 26349.

The car retains its original engine, while at some point while in America the transmission has been replaced.

The car was originally imported from Stuttgart to Houston Texas by then Porsche dealership Norman Scott Inc. of 1517 Austin Street, Houston 2 Texas. (A picture of the Norman Scott Porsche dealership is in the file).

The car was purchased by the current owner on 25th September 2009 and imported back to the UK on a container ship.

Initially on Texas ‘white’ plates, the car was MOT’d a registered in the UK at Boreham Wood Test Centre on 1st October 2010 with new age-related registration number of 716 XUY.

Restoration was given to marque specialist Bill Russell (Dakota Classics).

A comprehensive list of works was carried out during the restoration, all of which is itemised in the car’s file. An abbreviated list of work is set out below.

New battery box.
New floor panels both sides.
New rocker covers, heater tubes and jacking points. New flapper boxes.
All associated metalwork to the above.
Rebuild braking system all round including master cylinders, all new brake lines and hoses. Relined brake pads.
New headlights, rear light backs and new shine-up rear number pate light.
Overhaul motor and transmission.
Strip / repair fuel petcock.
Check all electrics.
New Pirelli tyres on existing chrome ‘Brazilian’ wheels.
Full servicing plugs etc and carburettor overhaul.
New internal headlining.
New dashboard and cover.
New external radio aerial.
Rebuild engine and transmission.
Engine and transmission strip down, inspection and reassembly. New piston rings, valves, valve guides, push rods installed.
New lower door skins.
Rebuild doors including window frames.
Repair rear front wings.
Repair and lead top of front wings by scuttle.
Replace inner rear wings.
Repair and make good various holes and imperfections.
Repair bonnet hinges.
Replacement dynamo / generator.
Replace inner front wheel arches.
Remove / refurbish / repaint fuel tank.
Repair front and rear bumpers.
Repair front seat frames.
Reupholster seats using full new cover kit from Mercantile
New door linings and rear internal quarter linings.
Sound deadening kit on floor panels and fire wall.
New Porsche square weave carpet kit.
Install new pattern radio speaker units and wire up to Motorola radio unit.
New rubber seals all round.
Rechroming (by London Chroming) as required.
Fit GT Werks mirror.
Fit Sebring exhaust.
Colour-coded racing mirror by GT Werks.
Three-spoke Derrington steering wheel.
Stainless steel Sebring exhaust by Karman Konnection.



1964 Porsche 356 SC RHD Coupe

Matching numbers and fantastically original example of a UK Delivered Car.

Chassis 129 779 was completed by Porsche on 15th May 1964 in Signal red with black interior.

Ordered in RHD by UK importers AFN who took delivery 29th June 1964.

AFN records show that 129 779 was sold as an SC and the dealer changed its 75BHP engine for the more powerful 95BHP unit.

This was common place at AFN due to customers changing their minds and the huge lead time for new cars to arrive.

A copy of the Porsche certificate of Authenticity and AFN Cardex are available with the car.

The AFN records also show the car to still retain its original registration number.

Date:- 9th Feb 1965
First owner = D.C.Alderson
Rochdale Caravan Services LTD
1050 Manchester Road
Date:- 1969
Second owner = Mrs Pat Snell
Hither Green Lane

Date:- 30th March 2010 (40 years later !!!)
Third owner = Daniel W Findlay
Summer Hays Farm

Date:- 6th Sept 2015
Present owner = Nicholas Evans
2 The Terrace
Old Ford Road

The car itself remains a very original example probably due to being in single ownership for over 40 years.

There is a note in the file that the car was laid up in storage for 23 of these years.

It seems that very little work was needed to make the car look it’s best and therefor the car has not been heavily interfered with or required any major surgery, it remains very close to ‘just as Porsche built it !!’

Late 356 ‘C’s are by far the best driving of all 356’s and to find an example ordered as an ‘SC’ and in RHD remains one of the rarest of finds.

To give an example of how good these late 356’s are, we have recently just given the car a very minimal service and the current owner drove the car on holiday to Italy and back with zero issues….356 quality and driving experience at its best.


1954 A133 Porsche Tractor - 3 Cylinder

1954 A133 (3 cylinder)

Chassis: 133-1835

Allgaier / Porsche

Absolutely stunning restoration carried out a few years ago.

The rear wheels need painting and there are a few chips for use but we can sort all this out included in the price.

Starts on the button, new everything.

Has a huge history file and drivers hand-book (in Danish).

As Seen on TV!.. Car SOS series 12.

UK Registered for road use with V5c Logbook.

1953 A122 Porsche Tractor - 2 Cylinder

1953 A122 (2 cylinder) Tractor

Chassis number 013!

Still has original dealer plaque.

Not running at the moment due to the starter-motor needing a rebuild.
100% complete.

New tyres.

On the NOVA system with all taxes paid into the UK.

The V5C has been applied for so should have a registration number soon.

Drive to work? Or the Pub?…It’s your choice?


1954 A122 Porsche Tractor - 2 Cylinder

1954 A122 (2 cylinder) Tractor

Chassis 122-2032

Allgaier / Porsche

After the second world war Germany was not allowed to start new companies producing machinery.

Dr Porsche had a strong design for tractor units but needed to use an existing German company in order to make his design (hence Allgaier).

They are all true Porsche tractors and are badged ‘system Porsche’.

Runs and drives.

French registration.

On NOVA, so can be registered for road use.


1962 219 Porsche Tractor - 2 Cylinder

1962 219 (most powerful of the 2 cylinder).

Looks can be deceiving as this old girl hasn’t really had a hard life…

It starts first time every time and even the rev counter works.

4K hours only on the clock which judging by how everything goes and works as it should this seems to be genuine?

Just a shame that it has never been put under cover for any time in its life.

With that said these tractors are easy to cosmetically restore
Came from Denmark.

Perfect running tractor.