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1964 SC Coupe --- Now Sold

1964 356 SC Coupe

Letter of Authenticity states:-

Chassis 129 897

Engine number 821015

Gearbox number 79011 (741/2C)

Production date 21st May 1964

Sky Blue with Grey Leatherette Interior

Optional extras:- 1x Headrest, Luggage rack and Phoenix Tyres.

All numbers matching.

This is an absolutely stunning example of a late 356 and the ultimate option of the SC engine

It’s very hard to describe how good a late 356 is to someone. You can just hop in and go anywhere.

We have many customers who just pop down to Italy or swing over to Munich for the weekend in a 356 C. These little cars are just as happy to go to the shops or nip down the pub. It’s the effortless comfort and pure joy of driving that really captivates. Modern traffic is swept out the way on motorways and through country roads… even good MPG is returned. To me they are the ultimate car for any classic car person that actually wants to drive, go places and do things!

129897 has been subject to a complete restoration.

Little is known of its early life in the USA. In 2008 the restoration began but the owner like many found he had bitten off more than he could chew and the restoration shop took ownership of the car.

The principal of a UK authorised Porsche Body-shop, while visiting America, saw the car and purchased it as his own personal project. The body-shop got busy and the little 356 sat patiently in the corner but things didn’t work out and the car found new ownership again, as a project, in 2015.

The same UK approved body-shop was now employed to carry on with the body.

The UK guys started from the start and completely stripped back to bare metal, repaired the shell and then electrophoretic coated the body. A process used by high end modern car builders today.

The engine was given to Porsche expert Mike Bainbridge to rebuild.

Mike converted the engine to 12V and also fitted weber carbs.

Gearbox was rebuilt by PRS.

All genuine Porsche parts were used when possible.

New suspension components.

Rebuilt brake calipers.

Steering box rebuilt.

The interior was trusted to Kew Coach Trimmers of Southport.

All the above and huge expense of course to basically build a new 356 SC

The car has been through the PRS workshop since the full restoration and any small issue or wrong nut or bolt has been addressed. It’s ready to go………..

The current owner would love to find the car a new home. Too many cars and little time means it is surplus to requirements.

Please get in touch to come and see the car at our premises?

We can drive the car, put it up on the lift, kick tyres and drink tea?

NOW SOLD ——- is the asking price and a fraction of the cost to restore a 356 these days. This one you can just get in and drive!

1956 T1 ‘A’ Coupe

Chassis – 55928


We believe that this car was originally an internal Porsche Werks car.

The Factory Kardex literally has no information on it at all apart from the chassis number?

When the car arrived from Texas USA it also had a Mauve VDM Werks steering wheel fitted?

More research is required


Under the obviously shabby-chic exterior is a restored 356,

The owner wanted to build the ultimate ‘sleeper’ 356

Converted to RHD by PRS

Under the patina skin in a Type1 Turbo charged engine and suspension changes and disc brakes all round.

The engine built by Vw specialist Harry Harpic at great expense is quite mild for a turbo charged unit but still produces 140BHP. If more power is required then boost can be turned up and a quick re-map should give outrageous results??


Absolutely guaranteed to turn heads at any event or even going to the shops

Drive around as is?…restore back to original?….Try and find out why the kardex is blank?

Whatever way you go it’s a bloody interesting car.


Price is £119,500 ono

1954 A122 Porsche Tractor - 2 Cylinder

Chassis 122-2032

1954 A122 (2 cylinder)

Allgaier / Porsche


After the Second World War Germany was not allowed to start new companies producing machinery.

Dr Porsche had a strong design for tractor units but needed to use an existing German company in order to make his design (hence Allgaier)

They are all true Porsche tractors and are badged ‘system Porsche’…Built in the old Zeppelin factory.


Really lovely original old tractor, never bodged and still in original paint. Still has its tool box etc.

Originally supplied to France

Now UK registered as historic vehicle, so tax free, no MOT and ULEZ compliant.


Engine has been completely rebuilt by us at great expense.

It is now absolutely ready for work….or go to the shops?…or the pub?…It’s up to you?…It’s road registered!



£8,500 ono