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1956 T1 A COUPE

1956 (built 55) Porsche 356 T1 ‘A’ Coupe RHD

We are proud to offer for sale on behalf of our customer, a very rare right-hand drive example of the ever popular T1 ‘A’ Coupe.

Original UK delivered AFN car.

It was the 101st Porsche sold by AFN (Fraser Nash) through the dealer Moortown Motors. According to records it was the first RHD car supplied with Zenith carburettors.

Porsche completion date was 28th November 1955 and the car was delivered 22nd February 1956 to its first owner C.R Cornish.

Somewhere along the way it has had its engine swapped to 63282, a later engine of exactly the same spec and its gearbox has also been changed to a later type 644 tunnel box for improvement.

The old records also show the car being an original Silver car but with a red interior. It now fashions black leather seats and retains its iconic Silver exterior.

Mechanically the car has been maintained regardless of cost and makes a 370 round mile trip to be serviced with no problems at all. The mechanics have been worked on in a way to make the car reliable with a twin piston brake master cylinder and a carb choke system set up. The body-work has acceptable door gaps, the engine lid and bonnet could be better. There is no rust but there is signs of old previous repairs, much as would be expected with any UK delivered car. In fact it was a pleasant surprise to look under the car not see a whole rake of poor workmanship. Inside the front boot floor is slightly distorted, there is no evidence of why? The more astute eye will also notice that the car has later type rear lights and not the more desirable twin bee-hive style which would have been originally fitted.

To sum up, the car is a very respectable pretty little driving car that would benefit from further work or just enjoyed as it is.

1956 T1 A COUPE

1956 Porsche 356 T1 ‘A’ Coupe LHD

We are proud to offer for sale on behalf of our customer this mechanically sound outlaw 356 T1 ‘A’.

We imported this car and outlawed it for a very good customer a while back. It was a Black plate Californian car that came out of south San Francisco… never welded as far as we can see!

It’s what we would call a survivor… it was clearly used by a student as it still has a university parking sticker from 1977 on the rear nudge bar… which is seriously cool!!

Original colour is graphite metallic and this is still the dash colour.

We went through the car and restored it mechanically front to back.

It’s on real Porsche 356 ‘C’ brakes front and back.

Engine is out to 1720cc and has a bit of a wild cam. The engine was rebuilt new (never ran) when we got the car, you could see assembly lube on the cam which wasn’t broken in.

The wheels aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but it’s on 5×130 stud pattern so Fuchs or any other 911 wheel will fit straight on….Or put it back to drums and sell the ‘C’ brakes? The possibilities are endless…

It would be really easy to just paint it back to graphite metallic as there is no rust to deal with.

Again… just turn the key and go!

Here is a YouTube film will quickly made of the car once it was finished…

£90,000 ono

1958 T2 A COUPE

1958 Porsche 356 T2 Coupe, RHD, Silver with Red interior.

Built 3rd March 1958.

Chassis number 103041.

Engine: 69000 (current engine is a replacement case).

Gearbox: 18760 (currently fitted with 10575).

Delivered to Lindsay Saker Motors (Johannesburg) 11th March 1958.

First owner: Hughes – Maister & Drysell (Dental Surgeons).

Options: RHD and USA Bumpers

Imported into the UK in 1988 by 356 Collector Aziz Abouseda this rare RHD car has had a subsequent further six owners. There are two huge history files along with a photographic restoration and copies of all the old log books, tax disc and piles of receipts.

The car today is in beautiful condition with only a few minor blemishes that would be expected for a car that has been driven and used as it should.

£135,000 ono

1961 T6 SUPER 90

1961 Super 90 T6 Coupe.


Chassis number 118738.

Originally supplied by Sonauto (Paris).

Slate grey with blue interior (COA say beige but it defiantly has not been re-trimmed).

It’s currently fitted with Eric Studer’s old race engine.

This has been a personal daily driver car for some years and runs excellently.

It’s been here since around 1990. There is quite a big folder with lots of French history as well as what it has been up to since it came here.

Everything works as it should and it is truly a pleasure to drive.

The body is scruffy as is the interior.

It’s an absolute laugh to just hoon around in.


Matching numbers and fantastically original example of a UK Delivered Car.
Chassis 129 779 was completed by Porsche on 15th May 1964 in Signal red with black interior.
Ordered in RHD by UK importers AFN who took delivery 29th June 1964.

AFN records show that 129 779 was sold as an SC and the dealer changed its 75BHP engine for the more powerful 95BHP unit. This was common place at AFN due to customers changing their minds and the huge lead time for new cars to arrive. A copy of the Porsche certificate of Authenticity and AFN Cardex are available with the car.

The AFN records also show the car to still retain its original registration number.

Date:- 9th Feb 1965
First owner = D.C.Alderson
Rochdale Caravan Services LTD
1050 Manchester Road
Date:- 1969
Second owner = Mrs Pat Snell
Hither Green Lane

Date:- 30th March 2010 (40 years later !!!)
Third owner = Daniel W Findlay
Summer Hays Farm

Date:- 6th Sept 2015
Present owner = Nicholas Evans
2 The Terrace
Old Ford Road

The car itself remains a very original example probably due to being in single ownership for over 40 years. There is a note in the file that the car was laid up in storage for 23 of these years.

It seems that very little work was needed to make the car look it’s best and therefor the car has not been heavily interfered with or required any major surgery, it remains very close to ‘just as Porsche built it !!’

Late 356 ‘C’s are by far the best driving of all 356’s and to find an example ordered as an ‘SC’ and in RHD remains one of the rarest of finds.
To give an example of how good these late 356’s are, we have recently just given the car a very minimal service and the current owner drove the car on holiday to Italy and back with zero issues….356 quality and driving experience at its best.

£115,000 ono

1965 PORSCHE 911

This is an amazing opportunity to own the sort after first generation 911.

Genuine Porsche 911 1965 model year. Qualifies for all historic racing events etc.

Obviously in need of a complete restoration but is remarkably un-messed with and retains its original hard to find parts.

The body will need all the normal rust repairs. Engine is in bits, gearbox condition is unknown.

Comes with all that you see in the pictures along with all paper work to register the car.

The car is part of a deceased estate.

American Title (State of Maryland).

Nova reference number (that all taxes are paid).

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (these are currently unavailable, so this is great).

There is also a copy of the Factory Cardex.

Chassis number 301025 (the 1025 Porsche 911 ever made).

Produced 3rd May 1965 and delivered 12th May 1965.

Engine number 901134 (Matching).

Gearbox number 100979 (Matching).

Sky Blue with Black interior with pepita inlays (Hounds-tooth).

Options = Webasto Heater 01211, 3 point seat belts, Antenna and loud-speaker.

Selling agent was Raffay Hamburg.

First owner was Thomas Gilkey, 415 Niemi Road, Long View, Washington.

The car went back once to the dealer in Hamburg on the 15/6/65 and then there is an entry for warranty work at P C Pacific 11/10/65, so can assume the car was in America at this point.

You couldn’t just go and buy one of these cars in 1965 as demand outstripped supply.

Porsche dealers would only be supplied one and two as they were made and as such people would shop around the world to find a dealer who would sell them one….

Arrived in the UK from Baltimore Feb 2013.


356T5 'B' Coupe RHD

We are pleased to offer for sale this Porsche 356 T5 ‘B’ Coupe in RHD.

Chassis number 115642 started life in the hands of Henri P LeRoux and was purchased new through South African dealer Lindsay Saker Motors of Johannesburg.

The car was originally ivory with black interior and was completed at the Porsche factory Stuttgart on 20th March 1961 and delivered to Lindsay Saker Motors 29th May 1961. The only option specified were Dunlop tyres.

Not much known about the car in South Africa but this 356 turned up in Germany in 2001 and was owned by a Dr who used it every day. Whilst in Germany the car was maintained by Alois Rug of reowned Porsche specialist RUF Motorsport.

RUF sold the car in 2007 to another marque specialist Kevin Mofett of Historik based in Ipswich. Kevin had planned to race the car but obviously things changed and the car was sold to its current owner in 2008. The car was registered and then embarked the normal recommission work carried out by Export56 and to everyone’s credit the owner expresses that the car had never let him down and makes frequent long haul trips around the country.

The car currently is set up as a GT/mild outlaw. There is no modifications that cannot be reversed, so it is the next owners choice as to drive the car as it is or return it to standard specification. The original normal engine is long gone and currently the car is fitted with a more powerful 912 unit. It also has a nardi steering wheel and sports seats. The wheel are also slightly wider than original and with bumpers removed and the bonnet straps the Gt look is completed.

Please remember how rare a RHD 356 is! This car is ideal for someone who wants to just jump in and eat some miles on the road. It isn’t perfect and this is reflected in the price… Drive as is or change things around to your taste?

£65,500 ono

356T5 'B' Coupe RHD

Chassis 113570

RHD UK Delivered AFN Number 711
Engine Number: 604080 ( Matching)
Colour 6006A – Silver Metallic with Red Interior
Porsche Completetion Date: 13th October 1960
Delivery Date: November 1960
First Owner: T Troutbridge
Options: Michelin Tyres

This extremely rare RHD UK car in the best colour combination of Silver with Red interior has been subject to stop start restoration. No fault of the owner who to his credit has slowly moved the car forward. It is a real plus that most of the hard work is done and although it would be flippant to say that to finish the car would be easy, it really doesn’t require much work to get to what would be a fantastic spec and wonderful car.

Obviously the bodywork is the major amount of work that remains to be done but apart from all that all the other areas have been tackled.

Engine is rebuilt finished.

Gearbox is rebuilt finished.

Steering box, front suspension, steering column, pedal box, wheels, all chrome…..all restored!

New wiring loom and interior including carpets…..