Dynamo / Generator to Alternator Conversion (Lightweight) (12 Volt)


Porsche 356 (Lightweight) 12 volt alternator that looks like a dynamo

This unit delivers the performance of a modern alternator whilst retaining the period look of the original Bosch dynamo.

Unlike a Dynamo this Alternator is a self regulating & therefore the existing control box is no longer required.

NOTE: Due to the difference in body diameter, this Alternator requires a modification to the upstand.  We will Exchange your upstand for a modified one.

Amps  – 40A,  Voltage- 12v

Body Length – 143mm,  Diameter – 100mm

OEM – Bosch

Polarity- Negative Earth

Shaft Diameter – 15mm

Weight – 3.10kg

NOTE: Battery Cables MUST be rated to at least 40AMPS

Condition –   New

Porsche part number:

(SKU-  34E1

In stock

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