Group 4 Wheels, DP7R Bare Aluminium 15×7 ET49


Porsche developed the 911 into the 911R in ’67 to go racing. A limited production run of 22 cars were built for a select group of privateer racing drivers and the Porsche factory. The “R” (Racing) was a prototype built on the standard Coupé with a Carrera 1991cc, six-cylinder engine, developing an impressive 210 hp and weighing only 830kg.
The rear wheels, 7″ in width were exclusive to the 911R and are the rarest of all Fuchs produced. They differ from the front wheels by being an inch wider, all of which is on the inside edge.
These wheels are now offered with a tyre bead so that tubeless tyres can be used
Product Details
PCD: 5 x 130
WEIGHT: 7.15kg

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