Camshaft, Neutek SX2 Street and Vintage Race Cam. Solex Carburettor


NEUTEK CAMSHAFT SX2 For higher level street and vintage racing. Best with Solex 40 P11-4 carbs. Good power 3500-6500 RPM This camshaft is a new chilled-iron casting with lobes ground to specs to provide improved street performance for engines with Solex 40PII-4 Carburetors. This cam is recommended for SC/912 engines with 86mm Big Bore pistons and about 9.5:1 compression ratio. Note the high lift on the intakes. Specifications are: Duration: 261 degrees on exhaust 255 degrees on intake Lift: .375″ on exhaust .372″ on intake Lobe separation: 106.2 degrees. All new camshafts should be installed along with new or re-ground tappets. Motul break-in oil should be used for initial start-up. Then, switch over to Motul Classic Oil for normal driving.

Porsche Part Number: NLA-105-106-00 / NLA10510600 Replaces 61610510600

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