Camshaft, Neutek ZH-1 for Improved Street Performance for Zenith Carburettor


NEUTEK CAMSHAFT ZH-1 Cam shaft for road and race. Broad power band. Designed to dramatically improve performance using Zenith carbs. This camshaft is a new chilled-iron casting with lobes ground to specs to provide improved street performance for engines with Zenith Carburetors. This cam is recommended for most normal, Super, and 356C rebuilds. Specifications are: Duration: 248 degrees on exhaust 252 degrees on intake Lift: .337″ on exhaust .338″ on intake Lobe separation: 106.4 degrees. All new camshafts should be installed along with new or re-ground tappets.
Porsche Part Number: NLA-105-103-00 / NLA10510300 Replaces 61610510300

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