Short / Quick gear-change Shifter Kit – 356BT6, 356C


1 x Gear Change / Short Shift Kit  – 356BT6, 356C

Short shift kit offers a 40% reduction in throws and includes the following:

-Machined aluminium base with hardware
-Solid, cold formed and triple chrome plated steel shift lever (correctly threaded for the original knob)
-Precision machined and hardened shift socket
-New plastic socket bushing and shift rod bushing / Bush

The lever is precision Tig welded to the hardened socket after chroming. This is a complete replacement kit. There is no need to cut or modify your original shift lever.  The original shift lever can be replaced at any time.
Installation is simple and can be done with normal hand tools. The original heater controls are still functional but the shift lock is not. It can be left in place for originality if desired.

Condition: New

Porsche part number:

(SKU:  15B19  /48)

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