TECTYL 190 Black – Overpaintable, Stone Chipping Protection and sound deadening compound – 500ml aerosol


1 x Valvoline TECTYL 190 Black – Overpaintable Stone Chipping Protection – 500ml aerosol

Valvoline Tectyl 190 Black is fast drying anti stone chip and sound deadening compound from the Valvoline Tectyl range is perfect for protecting those vulnerable parts and areas under your vehicle.

It offers a flexible black coating which gives long term protection. Stone chips on underside paint is not just an aesthetic issue but can be a source of corrosion and rust, as when the paint is chipped contaminants can come in direct contact with metals that are out of sight and left to rust.

Recommended for the protection against corrosion and abrasive damage of ferrous metals and the under bodies of cars, trucks, trailers, etc

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