PRS Products. Cylinders / Barrels / Liners and Pistons Kit. 86mm Big Bore (1720cc)


This set of PRS design pistons and cylinders use the market leader and unrivalled quality of a forged JE piston and Dura-Bar cylinders.

The PRS piston is lighter than the common Shasta design and features a skirt coating to reduce friction, adds durability and ensures quieter operation.

To work with Late type cylinder heads that use a 30 degree combustion chamber angle

9.25 Compression ratio, so normal pump fuel is fine.

Perfect for straight fit, plug and play instant horse power. No machining or modification required.

Condition: New  Set of 4

Part Number :- 616 103 904 04 (86mm)

(SKU: 29A3)

In stock

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